Literally thousands of patients don’t pursue aesthetic restorations because of expense and treatment time.

Cerinate Smile Makeovers from DenMat are changing that paradigm forever. They’re affordable, they’re convenient, they’re minimally invasive…and they’re beautiful.

Placement is usually completed in just one treatment session.

No ‘free hand’ technique is necessary, as with composite bonding, and no impressions or laboratory work are required. Cerinate porcelain is backed by 20 years of evidence-based research and affords greater luminosity over time when compared to composite restorations. Not only that, Cerinate Permanent Veneers are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and are the only alternative to composite bonding supported by a national TV campaign.

Strong, Beautiful, Clinically Proven

Over 20 years of evidence-based research prove that Cerinate Permanent Veneers will create lasting smiles for your patients. Cerinate Pressable is the strongest leucite-reinforced pressable glass ceramic on the market today.1,2,3 While exhibiting low wear rates against opposing dentition when compared to conventional porcelain, its reliability is more than twice that of Empress.4 Because of its low viscosity, veneers can be pressed as thin as 0.1mm5.

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