Denture Comfort™ Technology with Dr. Shah

Dentures have brought about positive change for many patients here in Johns Creek, helping to restore smiles and functioning teeth. But even these dental devices can sometimes cause problems, the most common of which is becoming ill-fitting. For patients at Dental Smiles at Johns Creek, Dr. Shah utilizes the Denture Comfort™ procedure to ensure that your denture fits comfortably and is prevented from shifting.

Symptoms of Denture Problems

  • Poor maintenance
  • Deterioration of underlying bone and ridges
  • Trouble speaking or eating normally
  • Uncomfortable pressure

Patients who experience these symptoms often need to spend time and money in the dentist’s chair to get their dentures readjusted, but there’s an easier solution.

How Denture Comfort™ Works

Denture Comfort combines the best of both dentures and dental implants. Dr. Shah will place four or six implant posts in your jawbone, then line your denture with a soft, silicone material. When your denture is placed over these posts, it will remain fixed and secure, as well as put no undue pressure on your gums.

What sets Denture Comfort apart from other implant-supported denture treatments is that it can be completed under local anesthesia and without any cutting or suturing. The denture can be placed almost immediately upon the new implants, allowing you to leave the office with a more comfortable denture. We like to emphasize that Denture Comfort treatments with Dr. Shah are less expensive than other implant-supported devices and require much less healing time.

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Do you have uncomfortable dentures, and are unsure how you can fix them? Are you considering other tooth replacement options, even though you like your dentures? Don’t look any further than Denture Comfort™ with Dr. Devang Shah. You can keep your dentures while also taking advantage of the implant support here with a Johns Creek and Alpharetta dentist.

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