A New Year for Oral Health

It’s officially January here in Alpharetta, GA and that means the new year has arrived. With that being said, Dr. Shah and the rest of his staff at Dental Smiles at Johns Creek could not be more excited to ring in 2016. We love the new year in this office because it signifies a chance to start off a fresh year with healthy choices, or begin the journey toward making lifestyle changes you have been meaning to make.

One thing that many people do on New Year’s Eve is make a New Year’s resolution. Often times these resolutions revolve around improving particular aspects of a person’s health. New Year’s resolutions revolving around improving oral health, like remembering to floss more, are especially common. Bearing all this in mind, we have decided to write an article with a few easy oral health-related improvements that might help you keep your New Year’s resolution to your teeth.

Switch Out That Toothbrush

2016 is your year to go electric. Why? Because, no matter how you might try, the truth is when you manually brush your teeth you will not be able to create the same type of vibrations that an electric tooth does. Those vibrations effectively “shake” awake more decay-causing plaque than any manual toothbrush could ever hope to in its wildest dreams. This is why more and more dentists have been recommending people switch to electric. Remember two minutes, two times a day.

Cut Back on Your Sugar In Take

Many people promise themselves that they are going to do this at the beginning of each new year. too much sugar in your diet can have a variety of undesirable effects on your overall health including weight gain. However, large amounts of sugar also wreak havoc on your oral health. Here’s the kicker though – when it comes to oral health cavities are, for the most part, largely preventable. All you have you have to do is brush, floss, and limit your sugar intake. So, why not start now?

Make That Appointment… Twice!

It’s recommended that you see your dentist at least twice a year to make sure your oral health is up to par and running smoothly. Unfortunately, many people forget to make these appointments or refrain from going to them altogether. This is a problem that needs to be addressed if you are looking to improve your oral health as your New Year’s resolution. Make sure that you make both of those dentist appointments this year, and then make sure you attend them both. No excuses!

We hope that these few simple tips help you both keep your New Year’s resolution and improve your oral health this year. After all, now is the perfect time to start change.

Until next time readers, have a wonderful new year and keep smiling.

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